Monday, February 1, 2010

Story Time!

The first of many personal encounters with the people of Chicago.

Today was the intro to our classes at CS (Chicago Semester) before we start next week. This meant we had most of the afternoon off! We decided to check out a local thrift store called The White Elephant. To get to the good part, simply, we went too far in the opposite direction. Embarrassing, but a good experience because we found DePaul University and all the shops up to the highway...Yeah, that's how lost we were...So we figured out which way to go and hopped on the bus in the RIGHT direction (because that's how far we had walked in the wrong direction...urg...)

On the bus was a little old lady who was sitting in between Keeley and Rachel. I sat on the other side of them, directly across from the old lady. As we were riding the bus, I guess she noticed me pushing my hair out my face (out of habit) and I hear her say in a Polish-like accent, "Here, to keep your hair from your face." And she's holding out a hair clip with some little crystals on it. She insisted I take it and I did with a big thank you and a smile. I put it in my hair where she showed me to. Rachel had moved next to me and said it was pretty. The lady heard this and pulled out of her purse a cardboard holder with a whole bunch of the same clips! She gave one to Rachel and Keeley too! She totally made our days and I'm sure we made hers. She was smiling and chatting with us until we got off.

The funniest thing she said was towards a young teen getting off the bus whose jeans were down by his knees, "My GOD boy, pull up your pants!!" She even leaned away from him in disdain! It was very cute.

More to come!

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