Friday, February 5, 2010

First Days at TC Public Relations

I've only been at TCPR for two days, but I feel at home there :) They are very welcoming. Melissa (Mel, my supervisor) and Steph took me to Chipoltle for lunch!

I have my own office space complete with view of the beautiful buildings across Michigan Ave. I also have a view of the River too! Today it had a few icebergs floating in it :) haha Bill from TCPR (the former radio announcer) told me to take a picture of my first office, so I did!

So far I've been given reading assignments and looked up all their clients so I'm familiar with how they do PR and who they do PR for. They have a few law firms, books and publishers and Christian organizations. I haven't been given any "official" assingments yet, but since I got done with what they gave me yesterday, I was given some things to work on already.

Tom gave me a brainstorming assingment for a client who wants to introduce their new logo and website. I had a few ideas but Tom came up with a great plan! I didn't get it together before he left yesterday so I felt like I failed. But then today he listened to my ideas and he liked them!

I feel initiated since I was hot news in their e-newsletter! Mel dubbed me as a person who wears my heart on my sleeve. She's so right! But she also had a love theme for the e-newsletter so I fit right in.

I also got to do some reserach for a news release and put hyperlinks on a blog list to send to a client. Both of these were for Steph. I'll learn their office programs and start answering phones on Monday.

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support!

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