Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dancing, Parade and a Concert

This was an eventful weekend, to put it lightly. I could have had three seperate weekends with all that we did!

Saturday: After a lazy, yet busy Saturday day spent shopping and getting groceries we decided that we needed to get out on the town...

First, we were invited to a neighbor's for Mexican Food! Yum! Thanks Matt and Tim, it was Wonderful! It was nice just to talk, read the Red Eye paper and take the silly Valentine's Day quiz in there. Later, we went out for some margaritas and guacamole from my new favorite little place off the Harrison stop Flacos Tacos! The prices are really good and the food is even better!

After that, a few of us went to a bar closer to home off  near Rush Street called The Hunt Club. It's good for drinking before and going there after 10:30pm for the dancing upstairs. At first it was just us and an older black guy who just held his hand up and pulsed to the music (he was still going when we left! What a guy! haha), but then more couples and groups saw that we were having a good time and decided to join us. It was really fun! It was nice to have self-proclaimed 'awkward dancing guy' there to protect us gals from the occasional creeper, but nothing serious happened. We can thank Matt for that :) We all slept really well that night.

Sunday: We slept in a bit, then started our day off with a healthy dose of Fourth Presbyterian Church. Very traditional, but in all the right ways. A great choir, new (to me) hymns and some baby baptisms where one was taken done the ilse of the church to be introduced to his new family. But he was rather preoccupied by the grandure of the church building itself. And so was I! It was georgeous! Stained glass, carved wood and guildedness (I don't think that's a word, but oh well) on everything including the ceiling and chandeliers. So Beautiful! The message was very well delivered by a younger paster who had a slight lisp that reminded us of Screech from Saved By the Bell, but that didn't get in the way too much of our hearing the great message. It was rather close to my heart because he talked about how hard it is to convery certain experiences to others and how there can be such large gaps between people sometimes. I feel that way all the time when I'm trying to explain what I'm experiencing here. It's my new life and how do you explain your life to someone? Well, I'm at least trying through this because I want you to know. And if you have questions, please let me know. It's easier to answer questions than just told to tell.

After church we went to China Town to see the Chinese New Years Parade! It was so crowded we could barely move. We were shoved, pushed, pulled. Most people were nice but some were extremely annoyed at the whole situation. People were yelling out at each other like this: (among other variations)
"Hey, can people move so we can get over there!?!"
"No, man, there's no room over here! There's no way through"
"Why not?"
Through all this craziness I did get some pictures of the parade. I had to hold the carema way above my head a guess, but it was worth it.
After the parade we were starving but every place was full of people. Eventually we just decided to go home. There was a long wait at the Redline station because that's how most people had gotten there, but the CTA people handled it really well. We got home only to get ready for our next adventure....

Keeley and I went to a concert which featured one of the bands from the label she's interning at. Metal/screamo is not really my type of music, but it was fun to people watch and listen to some of the more melodic bands. The only part I didn't like was the moshing. I just don't find that attractive at all. Oh well. Thanks to Keeley we only got our toes stepped on once by some spaz.
A highlight for the evening was getting to encounter a guitarist that I formed a little bit of a crush on :) When we were heading out, we went by his bands table and he handed me a sticker! I thanked him for a good show. He was very kind. Wish I had asked for his number, but thank goodness I'm not that bold! haha

What a weekend! I'm not feeling very prepared for this week, but some sleep should help.

Blessings to you all!

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