Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Graduate is Still Learning

Hi All!

Even though I've been a graduate for almost a month, I'm still learning things about interviews, job search and other life subjects including love, family and friendship.

Interviews: I haven't had many yet, but my first one was not what I expected...

Lesson Learned: Don't get emotionally tied to a job, no matter how assured it may seem. I learned the hard way that sometimes you have to give up what you think you want for what is right for you. I wanted to take over a job for a friend, but her boss and I couldn't communicate very well. But the Lord turned it into a blessing because I was able to contact a program for disabled adults that I could work for. I'm keeping my options open, but that's part of my next lesson.

Job Search: I have so many interests and things I could do, I feel rather lost when searching online or on company listings...

Lesson Learned: Find what you want do to and focus on jobs around that industry or job description. I'm finding that I'm not as attracted to pure PR jobs, I like the communications-type jobs. I also am trying to stay in companies that focus around subjects I'm interested in like people with disabilites, the arts, books, music.

Networking: I've been using every connection my family and I can muster so that I know what's out there for me.

Lesson Learned: People are very willing to help! A few of my mom's church friends got together with me and gave me a huge list of companies I should check out for in-house communications and publishers in the area. I've also found connections through friends and extended family. The people I've contacted have been kind and helpful in letting me know their wisdom, where they work and what they do. It's been fun getting to know new people and places I could work.

Place to work: I thought I wanted to work at a small agency but since I was told about the flexibility and security experienced with larger companies, my perspective has changed a bit.

I've been working with my mom's preschool class the past few weeks so I'm sad to not see their beautiful faces every day, but I'm glad they are getting a summer break. They've earned it! I love those little ones. I'll miss Paige, Logan, Austin and Clara the most. They are so precious!

Love: I recently watched the movie "The Young Victoria" and the love story was impactful for me. I had heard exerpts from Victoria's diaries and some of the details stuck with me. She didn't say much about her wedding night except that he helped put on her stockings in the morning. So sweet! The movie depicted their relationship and life situation very, very well! Their love seemed so pure, genuine and suprising considering it was, ultimately, an arranged marriage. He did seem to give her an inner strength that she lost when he died 20 years later. And that the glorious Victorian era was made possible through his hard work by her side.
I've been praying, subconsciously, that my marriage be something like theirs in the sense of their near perfect compatibility and their similar dreams. I just need to find my dreams and come along side the one God has in mind for me. That gives me peace, finally, after all these years of fretting about who I'm going to be with. The past few years I've haven't thought about it, but now that I'm on my own I think a lot more about it.

Family: Since my grandma moved in with us this weekend, I've seen a transformation in the way my family supports each other. It's been a little overwhelming but we're all helping out as we can. Lesley and I both tend ask what we can do before we head out to do our thing. I've moved downstairs with Lesley since Grandpa needs to be in my room. It's worth it knowing that Grandma can stay on the same level of the house most of the day.

Dad Update: Dad is done with his treatments as of a month ago. We haven't had time to tell everyone because we had Chicago, Graduation and transition into summer. But a month out, he's doing great. Almost too great! haha Sometimes I wish he would rest a little bit, but I guess he's just used to using all the energy he has he just keeps on using it up. But now he has more to burn! Go, Daddy, go! He's tearing up the yard, literally, and getting it beautified so that we can enjoy being outside in thie lovely weather.

Friendship: To be honest, I'm in a social desert right now. I'm reaching our when I can, but hopefully now I can be more purposeful since I'm not so busy. So if  you are inspired to drop me a note, a phone call, a text, please feel free to do that. I would welcome it!

That's all for now! Keep my job search in your prayers and let me know how I can pray for you.