Saturday, February 6, 2010

Prayers Please

My dad called me this morning and updated me on his health. There's usually something that's going on but today he was rather purposeful in his speech because his cancer has come back. He's going to have surgery and the doctors think that will take care of it. But radiation is a possibility. Pray that the Lord continues to care for Dad and our family.

Twelve years ago my dad's prostate was removed because it had traces of cancer in it. Since then, he's been getting annual check ups and nothing has shown up...until now. My dad and the doctors seem optimistic. They just need to take it out and maybe do some radiation treatments. It doesn't seem to be an aggressive cancer, just annoying.

My reaction is the same now as it was twelve years ago; strangely at peace. I simply trust God to take care of Dad. He has in the past, and it's because of that care that the doctors keep catching the cancer early. Pray that the doctors continue to wisely treat my dad and get this cancer out of him asap.

The person I'm most worried about, other than Dad, is my mom. Please pray for peace over her. I wish I could hug her and just cry with her. I know God is watching over Dad, but it's still scary.

One thing that sucks about being in a big city is that you can't be alone. I love my roommates and they are being really great, but I hope going to church tomorrow gives me a chance to come to grip with what's happening.

Also, my dad was planning on coming out to Chicago for a conference and to see me but that may not happen depending on when Dad's surgery is. I would rather have him at graduation in May than in Chi-town in March. Well, I'd rather have him around AT ALL than make him come here! haha

So pray that this brings us closer together as a family, even though there's so much distance between us.

I don't know how wide spread Dad wants this or not, so just pray for now and I'll keep you updated.

Thank you, all. 

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  1. Oh Jess, I'll definitely be keeping your family in my prayers! It can be such a tough experience, when your family is going through a tough time and you're far away. When I first arrived in France, my mom was hospitalized in a pretty serious health scare. It was hard to be in limbo, and not be there for her.
    I'll pray also that you're able to maintain that peace and confidence in God's protection over your father, and also that you're able to find the alone time you need!