Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nights Out!

This is the Modern Wing of the Art Institute! We went there with Chicago Semester. It's free to go there for the whole month so I would really like to go back again. I was really impressed with the building and most pieces in it. We had someone come to our class at CS to explain the history of the museum and some of the pieces. So it was good to have some familiar ones like Picasso. I wish we could have stayed longer but Keeley and I had to leave early to meet some of her friends at a concert. The concert was pretty sweet. The Empty Bottle, the venue, was pretty eclectic with weird decorations, fun drinks and upbeat music. We got back really late but it was worth it :) 

On our way to the Art Institute we finally visited the Infamous Bean!!! It's really a lot cooler than you would initially think. It reflects everything and warps everything. It's like a hall of mirrors on a bean! haha Check out the pictures on Facebook of us being touristy :) 

Last night was a great night because we went to see a band that Keeley has wanted to see for a long time, and now I see why. This is Ha Ha Tonka from southern Missouri! (not my pic, it's from thier site, but it's close to the lighting we saw them in :) They are a southern rock band. That sounds weird, but they were such great showmen! They did a lot of four-part harmonies that reminded me of the music from "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" but better! They did Black Betty as their seond finale, yeah, we, the audience were THAT pumped that we had two encores! It was a fantastic night! The other two bands were good too. Rego was a down to earth kinda hypie band with a great sound. I loved the lead singer, she was very cute and fun to interact with. The venue, called The Subterranean, was my favorite so far because it was multiple floors with cool staircases and sweet old-fashioned wall paper and lighting. You could watch the bands from either the floor the stage was on or from the balcony on the second floor. So far that was my favorite concert! What a great night!

More to come! Love you all!

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