Sunday, February 28, 2010

So Little Time, So Much to Do

So much has happened! I'll just highlight certain days...

Thursday Feb. 25th: We went to the Lifeline Theater to see Mrs. Caliban! It's a surreal show about a woman who has a romantic affair with a green alien. Yeah, it sounds weird, but the story is full of commentary on the human race, our relationships and how much we help and hurt one another. We had the entire theater to ourselves, so they had a Q&A Section at the end. The ultimate question was; Is Larry (the alien) real or a figment of the heroine's imagination? 0o0o0o....It was a lot of fun to escape into that world where a green alien would rather eat a cereal box than the cereal it self. So it was rather humorous, but ultimately it was very sad, open-ended play that really got us thinking and talking about  very deep things. It was a great experience! What made it more special is that a friend from the CS Program, Meredith, is interning there. So it was great to eat out with her before the show and have her show us around.

Friday Feb 26th: A group of us went out for Chicago Style Pizza around the corner at Edwardo's Natural Pizza place. the best part about waiting for the pizza was getting to decorate the coloring pages on the back of the place mats! We felt like little kids again :) After stuffing ourselves with the yummy pizza, we came back to the apartment and played some Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples! YAY! What fun! 

Sunday, Feb 28th: This morning Rachel and I went to First United Methodist Church again. I was supposed to interview someone for my Opera Encounter project, but that fell through. But we stayed downtown for lunch because we were coming back for the Gospel Choir Concert at the church. It was very spiritual and fun. It made me really miss being in choir, but gave me hope that after I graduate and settle down somewhere that maybe I can find a choir to be a part of someday. After the concert we went to the library to pick up some old movies for a movie night on Monday, our day off! Woot! That has to be the BIGGEST Library I've ever been in! It was insane with about 8 floors of books, resources, computers and other fun stuff for the public to enjoy. Rachel got a library card which I will help her take full advantage of! haha

Don't know what will happen next, but I'm ready for it!

Update on Dad: He'll be starting radiation treatments soon. Not chemo. The cancer is concentrated enough that he'll go in for regular treatments after work. The side effects will hopefully be minimal, but I'm sure he'll be careful (riiiight...haha) So thank you everyone for your prayers and support. The Lord is taking really good care of us as a family and our beloved Dad. We're just ready to take the next steps to beat this thing again! 

Prayers: My right hand is experiencing some sharp pains between the ring finger and pinky. I hope it's not tendenitus or anything, but prayers that I can figure out how to avoid the pain. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Praise! The Lord has been good about surrounding me with good people, interesting ideas and, of course, his love. I've been able to reconnect with some people that I haven't been able to talk to for some time. Most recently my friend David who's in Bath, England in graduate school. It was fun talking to him about the culture he's in and what God is revealing to him through those experiences. He's been to Chicago so we had some fun chats about the City.

Encounters: I've been struggling with how to interact with the homeless people in the city. So far I've had two very good encounters with some homeless men who have asked me how I'm doing and I respond to them and give them a smile. Both times totally changed their attitude and made me feel better too. I'm very careful about when that's ok to do; like during the day, if they ask me how I'm doing first, that sort of thing. I trust my instincts and both times it has been good. But sometimes I wonder if I'm really doing it for them or if I'm doing it to make myself feel better? Or am I being proded be the holy spirit? I don't know, but I'm listening and it's been good.

Up-Coming Events: Daniel Donkersloot is coming to visit next weekend!!! He almost came this weekend but the flights didn't work out. But that's ok. We need to go see Alice In Wonderland anyways :) (I'm sooo mean, I know haha)

More to come!

Love you all!

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