Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend with Daniel

Daniel David Donkersloot came to visit me this weekend! It was the perfect weekend for him to come; the sun was out, it wasn't too cold, no snow or rain. But that was just the weather ;) We didn't make any solid plans, which with him is the only time I ever do that, so we explored the city. We found Navy Pier, Millenium Park and many hidden treasures including (but not limited to) piegeons, cool reflections of buildings, funny signs and interesting people and buildings. Navy Pier was my favorite. I didn't realize how much I miss the coast; being next to the water, seeing the boats, even the sea gulls! Never thought I would miss them, but they turned out to be fun to watch. One little guy in particular was landing on the water, but didn't realize it was frozen on top! That was one confused bird.

Later we met up with Rachel and Matt to go see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It wasn't as weird as I thought it was going to be, which is why I liked it. I forgot how concrete his messages tend to be. But I did love his interpretations of the characters. Johnny Depp was excellent at being crazy but likeable. Alice was perfectly cast and you rooted for her the entire time. The other character I enjoyed was the Cheshire Cat with his blue stripes and teethy grin :D He was mystical and a comic relief. Overall, I enjoyed the escape into Wonderland.

On Sunday we went to LaSalle Street Church. It was very different for me because it was hard to idetify where they got their traditions. They are a nondominational church which allowed them a lot of freedom, but I would still consider them traditional. The sermon was about the deadly sin of greed. The pastor was able to connect the story of Lot to how our culture percieves money and wealth today. We are supposed to be ambitious, but at what cost to ourselves?

After church we found an awesome sushi place on Michigan Ave called Hot Woks, Cool Sushi. It didn't look all that impressive, but inside was very welcoming! I had an Alaskan variety of sushi with salmon and crab and fish eggs! The chopsticks were big, heavy and thick to make it easier to eat the rolls. They were very decently priced, and my tummy was so happy! I can't describe it any other way because you don't think that five little pieces are going to do you much good, but if you take your time, enjoy your company, sip your jasmine tea, then you will be full in tummy and heart. What a wonderful experience!

Daniel's time went fast, but it was quality because he got to see the city and the people that I love. All except Keeley who was gone at home due to a death in her family. Prayers for her and the family would be wonderful. She just got back tonight, it's so nice having all of us together again.

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