Wednesday, March 31, 2010


On Saturday night the CSers went to a Chicago Bulls Game! Yes, we saw the court where Michael Jackson played (or soared, really!) and where every basketball player in the late 90s wanted to play.
Now the Bulls haven't exactly been playing very well lately, at least according to my RedEye (the Chicago social paper I read every day over my lunch break. It's waaay left of center, but it's fun so I'm addicted! Ok, moving on...) So I wasn't expecting anything outstanding, but we were expecting a decent game because the teams have similar stats. The Bulls seemed to shoot more, but the New Jersey Nets seemed to get the ball in the basket more often. It was a strange site to behold. But however they managed it, the Bulls scored over 100 points so everyone with a coupon book got a FREE BIG MAC!!! The booklets were full of coupons depending on who won in the little animated races between quarters and other entertainments. They really knew how to keep us watching! The LoveaBulls (the dancers) could have been worse, but we just wondered if they had another job besides looking pretty. Just kidding! I heard that they are expected to be in school or something like that, which would be cool. But I haven't verified that info, so don't quote me on it! Haha

Sunday night Matt, Meredith and I went down to the Rock'n'Roll McDonald's off Clark Street to enjoy our Free food! I was able to get a rare Shamrock Shake with my Big Mac. Why not, huh? That McD's is the most swankified McD's I've ever been in with two IKEA-style decorated floors with an escalator in the middle! It was slightly awkward to be eating our fast food in that nice environment, but it was fun! A novelty, even. So it was the perfect place to go for the occasion. Oh Good Times they just keep on coming :)

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