Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lesley and Moira Visit

My sister Lesley and her friend Moira came to visit for the weekend!

On Friday morning I was awakened at 6am to a little voice, "We're lost" Uggg....but luckily the MegaBus was the only drama of the trip; getting here and getting back for them. It was cheaper, but not ideal. But at least they didn't have a car to worry about...

So while I was at work, they slept, had lunch, explored downtown. I recommended they see The Bean and eat and Potbelly's yumm! (Finally went there today, oh so good!) Near the end of my day, they visited me at work. They got to see my workspace, meet one of my supervisors and see Lesley's face staring back at them from the picture of her I keep in my office. Moira thought it was sweet! haha

That evening we went to Fresh Choice for supper and were entertained at the Second City comedy club! We saw the mini show called "Wait! It gets better." They were little skits set up randomly, kind of like SNL, but on a smaller scale. The actors were very talented and funny. I think our favorite skit was called, "You are the Key" where a girl sang a ballad to the boy she had a crush on. It was funny because of all the crazy things she was comparing her love for him to including, "I love you like paralysis loves Chris Reeves!" and other outrageous parallels. The whole show was definitely a giggle fest :)

On Saturday we slept in, watched some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, got ready and equipped ourselves for the day with Starbucks and scones (classic!). We explored the Gold Coast shopping venues! They are both fashonistas, what else would please them more!?! We were amazed by Barney's style and prices, laughed at all the crazy books and gadgets at Urban Outfitters, tried to figure out how the tube scarf at American Apparel could be a dress and oo-ed and ahh-ed at the Harry Winston Diamonds. The surprise stop of the journey was at the snowboarding shop Burton! Lesley got a new black fleece, of course, which looked awesome on her! We were gawking over all the cool pants, gloves and coats! They had a really cute zip-up sweater, but it was just a tad bit more than I wanted to spend. We also stopped in the Gimongous Forever 21 where we each got a new outfit! I found a cute sundress, Moira got a Tim Burton-esk skirt and Lesley got a little black eyelet dress. At Urban Outfitters I got her another dress and a sweater for her B-day present :) Although the fleece was the same price, so you could argue that I got her that, or at least made it possible for her to get it keehee We rounded up the trip by exploring Water Tower Place. (Love that fountain!)

After wearing the girls out from running from store to store in the awful weather, we got dressed up and went to Tavern on Rush. It's the nicest restaurant in the district and thanks to Mom and Dad giving us a good sum of money, we were able to go. We chose that place because we thought that I could use a coupon that Lesley gave me, but that was not so...the website and the card say it, but the computers aren't hooked up...lame! But the food was totally worth it!

Les and I both had sirloin steak with horseradish mashed potatoes and Moira had a pork chop with an Idaho-sized potato! For dessert we split a mango sorbet IN a mango skin! It was all excellent! We were giggling so much over the food, and particularly the presentation and the soothing sensation of the sorbet, that the waiter himself was quite amused at our enjoyment too! We were impressed with his memory because while we were looking at the menu he gave a grand presentation of the Meat! Each cut they offer was on a huge platter, wrapped in saran wrap so we could see the cut. He pointed out the fat and bone and told us everything it came with; yes, everything! He was tipped well! I think I'm still full from that meal, oh boy!

I was sad to see them leave because we had such a wonderful time. I really enjoyed the time with Lesley and getting to know her fabulous friend Moira. We've been told that we should meet and I'm very glad we have.


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