Monday, February 8, 2010

Here I Come to Save the Daaay!

Yes, I feel like Mighty Mouse today! First Monday at TCPR and I'm getting some great encouragement, some fun assignments and taking on the phone system!

I had several major successes today. Here we go!
1) To start off my day, I got an email from a TCPR affiliate named Candy. She wrote me to encourage me because she has been in my shoes. She was a PR intern in Chicago and found a job right after graduation. I asked her where she worked, but I haven't heard back from her yet. I hope she and I can meet up someday.
2) I wrote a "pitch" email to send out to professors asking them to consider incorperating a certain book into their curriculum. I got a few responses before I was done sending out all the emails! It felt great! Mel, my supervisor, only had a few minor changes to make to my pitch before I could send it out. I forwarded Mel the first response I got back and she wrote back: YOU. ROCK. She's so encouraging! She's had a lot on her plate lately, so I'm very very glad to help.
3) I CONQUERED THE PHONE SYSTEM! I got up the gumption to pick up the phone and connect calls, take messages and use the speaker function. Gotta love that!
4) At the end of the day I made Bill's day! Bill is a TCPR Account Exec who used to be in radio. He has an awesome voice! Anyways, I said goodby to him with a big smile and he p[erked up and told me, "That smile just gave me a boost for the next hour!" or something like that. He's such a sweet man.
5) I got A LOT done today. I pitched a book, got half a research prject done, started writing drafts for a blog template and newsletter revamp AND changed some files to PDFs for my beloved Steph because her fancy computer can't do that yet. Go Old School Computers!

Praise the Lord! Things are looking up and continuing to go well. Some fun people I've seen/heard in the train station are a man who sang "It's a Wonderful World," an old guy playing violin, a jazzy guy playing on the smallest saxophone I've ever seen and many, many fur coats! And I still can't listen to my ipod while going to work. I want to take in everything still, not block it out.

I really feel incorperated into my life at work, in my commute, and at the apartment.

We had an AWESOME turn out for our Super Bowl Party! There were about 14 people stuffed in our little living room. We enjoyed chips and salsa (some homemade!) and some desserts like fancy peanutbutter cups (Thanks Rach for making those!) and Bannana Creme Pie. We were spoiled :) It was a great game because the score was close, the commericals were hilarious and the underdog won!

Life is good. Praise the Lord!

"Live well, Laugh often, Love much" ~Dove Chocolate

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