Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Days in Chicago

Hello all!

PRAISE THE LORD! He's been watching over me and everyone here at Chicago Semester!

So much has happened this first week in Chicago and I want to give you all the highlights of what I've done, some people I've met, where I'll be living and where I'll be working!

Overall, I'm so impressed with the Chicago Semester Program. They are supportive but equipping us all in how to get around and be independent. They are always there when we need help. What Annie has been telling NWC students is true, and better than she or I can say!

Here's what's happened so far. Been eating at different places, exploring the city and having a crazy week!

MONDAY: Flew in from Minneapolis, late but the GO Express guys were great! Glad I purchased my ticket online!
Checked in to Hotel Allegro early and got some lunch. When I came back my roommate Keeley Carson was there. She's one of two other roomies I have at Canturbury Court Apartments. We're moving in tomorrow!
The rest of the day was meetings, intros of program teachers and internship advisers. All great people. We got the info of where we were interviewing. I had to choose between Open Books, TC Public Relations and the National Museum of Mexican Art.

TUESDAY: Got our U-Pass for the trains, bus and El. Such a great way to get around!
Then we had to figure out who we wanted to room with and where. The Lord was watching out for me, Keeley and Rachel because there was a lot of competition for Canterbury because of the furnishings and the number of people. Keeley joined last minute and it turned out great. The three of us are going to have a great time.
For the "Taste of Chicago" dinner that night we were split into groups and went to different ethnic restaurants. We went to a Vietnamese place that was fantastic!

WEDNESDAY: Found the apartment we wanted at 10:30am. The layout is open and cozy. Interviewed at Open Books at 3pm. Went well other than being a little late because of the store manager not telling me when I could go up to the offices. Oh well, they seemed ok with it. I got to explore the used book store they run. It's pretty sweet. The PR opportunity I had there would have given me a lot of media experience. A great internship opp!

THURSDAY: I had two interviews. One with TC Public Relations in the morning and the Mexican Art Museum in the afternoon. TCPR blew me away because they are small, but they have a lot going on and I would be helping with a ton of different clients and get to practice pitching, writing and designing. The Mexian Art Museum is a great non-profit where I would do a lot of fundraising.
Had to think long and hard about where I wanted to go, but I think I made the best decision....

FRIDAY: FREE DAY to figure out where we want to go! I chose: TC PR because I immediately clicked with the entire staff and they each have a lot to teach me. I fell if I do well with them, I can go anywhere I want to! So excited to start next week!

Yet to come.....

SATURDAY: Parents ariving Friday night to help me and my roommates move into Canterbury. Then chill with my parents. It's going to be great!

SUNDAY: Rest and get interntet!

MONDAY: Intro to Seminars

TUESDAY: Practicum groups

WEDNESDAY: Prep for Internships

THURSDAY: Start Internships!

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