Monday, November 15, 2010

Keep Moving Forward!

Hello Everyone!

It's snowing in Minnesota! Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, but that means good family time, good movies coming up and reconnecting with people.

I know it has been awhile so I'll get right down to business!


I've added to my arsenal! While continuing to work with Brandon and Cat Auction Services, I'm now a PR Intern at Hennepin Theatre Trust in Minneapolis. I help out there once a week putting together press kits, writing press releases and learning about what it takes to promote theater programs. It's exactly where I want to be in the n ear future and this is a great step for me to take. If a job opens up there, I'll be considered for jobs based on my performance here. But if there's nothing there now, I can always put this experience on my resume. I'm also on a temp agency's list! The agency is called Hourglass. They specifically cater to non-profits because they always need short term hires for projects and Hourglass is a place they can go to find qualified people who want to work in non-profits. No jobs have come up yet, but I'm just glad I'm not the only one looking for myself anymore. I'm still searching, but I'm keeping busy!

Church Stuff:

This school year I'm working with Community of Hope's Wednesday night program TREK! I'm a small group leader for 4th grade girls. I love them so much! They share their hearts with each other, help each other look up Bible verses and get easily excited about Jesus! Sometimes they drive me crazy, but they are so sweet.

Actually, I get fed Spiritually a bit more from that program than I do on Sundays! The worship is so genuine, the messages simple but thoughtful, and hearing Truth from kids is priceless. This week since Jeri, the Children's Ministry leader for Weds nights, is on a cruise with her husband (lucky!), I'm taking over some of her duties like announcements, worship and Slam It Questions! Also, cleaning up, the leaders meeting and reminding the kids there's no programing for Thanksgiving week. Hopefully they remember to bring in shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, too! The goal is 200 boxes to get Jeri and Justin to get slimed! Oh, motivation...haha

Whew! It's going to be a cray night...Especially since I have worship team practice right afterwords! I've been on the worship team a few times lately, and I have a few more weeks to go. This coming week we're incorporating the choir, yay! It's been really fun to be part of a worship team again.

Blast from the Past!

Thanks to Facebook, I've been able to reconnect with people I grew up with in Bellingham, Washington. Many people from high school, middle school and elementary school! It's fun to see what people are up to, where they went to college, what they studied and where they are now.

I also was able to Skype with my friend David, from Washington, who's been in England attending grad school for aerospace engineering. (Yeah, he's too smart for his own good...) He was able to connect with me online thanks to his sister Ruth, who's also in England. Great conversation! I hope he finds a job out there so I can see him when I visit Lesley next year in Scotland! :)

Movie Review Time!

Nowhere Boy
Saw this movie with a Beatles fan (good choice!) and was impressed by the high quality of the film. It's rated R for a few reasons, but the story is so fascinating and the cast is excellent! It's rather dark and dramatic, but if you're a Beatles fan and interested in John Lennon's past, then go for it! 

Little Miss Sunshine
I've wanted to see this movie for awhile and I'm glad I finally did :) I loved the dry family humor and how the characters changed during the course of the film. Very kwirky, but fun. 

Extraordinary Measures
Great story and excellent dramatic role for Brendan Fraiser and Harrison Ford. It's based on an incredible true story. I can see why it didn't do so well in theaters, because it's rather deep content. But it's a good film to watch with families (with older kids/teens/adults).

Temple Grandin
My favorite movie this season! Go HBO! Claire Danes blew me away as Temple Grandin, a cattle expert with autism. She opened the doors for experts to find out what it's like to have autism and how cattle farms could be more humane in their handling processes. She's a genius with a PhD who self soothes with a squeeze box! She's helped so many people and is still active in the cattle and autism communities. Anyone interested in seeing what it's like to have autism need to see this film! Even if it's not something you've been exposed to, I still think you'll like it. Temple is funny, sweet and sooo autistic! but I mean that in the best way possible :) They see the world so differently! It's wonderful!

It's a modern-day fairy tale. I don't want to give anything away because the whole story revolves around the question of where a mysterious girl came from, who (and possibly what) she is. A gritty, realistic story with very human characters who mess up, but you still want to see the miracles that happen. 

Coming Up:

Experience at Hennepin Theatre Trust (and tickets to SHOWS!)

TREK Stories!

Harry Potter, Harry Potter (spaz!), Harry Potter, Harry Potter!
Can't hardly wait to see it! I hope it has more energy than the Half-Blood Prince.

Tangled (Disney's version of Rapunzel) 

Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Blessings to you all!


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